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Vintage Motorcycle and Car Workshop


The FORTYFIVERS CLUB is pleased to partner with RiE-Store Ltd Workshop in the UK to offer Members a discount on their first Workshop visit

RiE-Store Ltd has over 30 years experience in restoring classic and military motorbikes and cars. 


They will lovingly restore, service and recommission your treasured bike or car to a timeless specification. Ash and Stuart believe that if a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing correctly. This way you end up with not only a technically correct vehicle, but an appreciating asset in the form of a stunning piece of history.


No job too small, no project too large. Whether you simply have a non-starter, or require a full ground up restoration they will have you covered. Working with many of the UK's reenactment groups, they are excellent at keeping their wheels turning and the shows running.

Check out the link below to their website to view a few of their YouTube Site for detailed info and vid updates.


RiE Store has a comprehensive knowledge of 1900's bikes - from Harley Davidson to Norton and BSA to Indian. Whether military or civilian we can restore, service or simply diagnose what needs to be done and provide a list for you to complete.


We work with many of the UK's re-enactment groups, helping their members service and maintain their bikes. So whether you're at the end of a season and want your bike given the once over or are at the start of the season and would like your bike given the professional once over, we've got time for you.


Our extensive experience means that we are able to source most required parts from reliable sources, quickly and affordably. We never settle for second best and are utterly committed to restoring motorbikes to genuinely authentic conditions and appearances.


To provide further reassurance we film a lot of the work that we do so you can see first hand what is being done and how it is being done. This also means that we can forward you a video assessment of your bike prior to works being completed, giving you complete control over how much you are spending.


Our network of logistical partners is always on hand to assist, so no matter where your bike is we can arrange transport to and from its location.



RiE-Store Ltd 

Unit 50, The Vinery

Arundel Road


BN18 9PY

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