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The amount of alcoholic liquor that evaporates during the ageing process. In legend, Whisky distillers believe this a small sacrifice for the angels watching over the barrels.


Peppermint and lime are the heart of the Cooling Citrus scent. An invigorating and fresh fragrance derived from natural oils. This unique blend contains peppermint oil and menthol crystals for an invigorating fresh shave.


Offering a shaving experience that will leave you feeling supercharged for the day ahead.


    • Apply this oil to freshly washed skin and stubble.
    • Shave before rinsing with cool water.
    • Our Shave Oil has been formulated to be used on its own or as a slick base under shave cream or soap and also acts perfectly for lining up your beard with a straightedge or traditional razor.